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Antipsychotics are drugs. They can have side effects. Abilify is considered to cause the least sedation supposedly.


Thank you, and just so you know I already know this.


I mean I switched to Aripiprazole injection from Abilify pills. :smiley: My pdoc said injection has less side effects. The most perceptible change for me was I sleep less than before. I wake up early before going to the gym. Plus, I’m insensitive to my physical change though, but I think I feel less anxiety. And in cognittions, I saw a research that Aripiprazole elevates patients’ cognitive abilities. But I don’t know if it is actually effective in reality.


gee thanks. i had a weird heart attack in 2011. i started risperdal in 2001 and thats about when my bp started rising. i have arithmea a lot. my doctor retired and the new one just left it as it was. interesting. i want to live at least 13 more years.
how’d you get so smart?


Your welcome! And thanks for the compliment! I’m not sure if I would say I’m smart, but if I am smart I don’t know how I came to be like this.


i have heard mentioned abilify so often. need to no more- wedmd?


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Why are you telling me this?


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Yes. It’s a good thing that psych meds are drowsy causing or an awful lot of us would never sleep.