My sister says that mammograms cause breast cancer

As if I’m not anxious enough as it is. She even sent me articles that said the radiation from a mammogram could be bad for you. The different articles she sent were talking all about statistics that mammograms don’t really help prevent cancer deaths and could rupture the cancer and make it spread.

My understanding is that they’ve very low risk. So many have been performed for so long it would be obvious by now if they were dangerous.


Thats if you do it everyday for years not once or a couple of times.


Even dentists use Xray on patients.


Ok, thanks @velociraptor and @Aziz that makes me feel better


She should be encouraging not discouraging.
The risk is extremely low, especially if you get one a couple times a year.


Radiation always has the chance of damaging cellular DNA leading to cancer cells, but the risk is very low if the radiation is weak. I’ve had a bunch of x-rays at the dentist and hospital over the years and i have been fine so far, as have the vast majority of people. My mom already had breast cancer and had her breast removed, so she gets mammograms in her other breast all the time now and she has been fine too.


thanks @Wave and @Headspark


The controversy surrounding mammograms has been regarding the risk vs. benefit of regular scannings in people without clear indications for one. I wouldn’t worry about the risk of a single mammogram. Or even really about the risk of many.

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Ok, thank you @anon9798425

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it doesn’t really hurt, it just pinches.

I didn’t think my boobies could stretch that far!

you’ll feel better after you get it done.

mine came back fine.

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Thank you @Daze

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Oh my no, the amount of radiation is so small, weak, and quick, that the risks she’s talking about are negligible, almost none existent.

The risk comes to doctors and techs that use radiation every day they work, multiple exposures day in and out. They need to take precautions to protect themselves. Lead linings, secure rooms, etc. those are very effective.

Old joke in nuclear physics is the “banana scale”. All banana’s emit a small but measurable amount of radiation. You can scale it up.

Just imagine you’re in the same room as 600 bananas. Same dose. And I personally don’t fear the banana. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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