My schizophrenia 3

My schizophrenia inserts fake thoughts into my mind, and they keep saying those are my thoughts, while I never thought such thoughts before sz and they obviously feel different. They say after death I’ll be made to believe they are mine, and often say “You are supposed to believe so” in response to another voice or inserted thought pretending to be my own voice or thought.

My sz gives me dreams where I’m being bullied, has happened many times already.

The voices and sz react to what I write here, now they’re repeating “My schizophrenia” mockingly.

They give me multiple nightmares/night terrors for me as well. They bully me and torture me in various ways.

How old are you? U shouldn’t be thinking about death yet

Those are not my thoughts, they are fake thoughts that my schizophrenia produces.

Yeah iam 27 and these voices give me alot of fake thoughts about going to hell to they also make me feel trapped in my body and give me real fast thoughts about going to hell

After shaving my schizophrenia started inflicting cutting pain feeling on my index finger, as if cutting with a sharp blade. While it does this, it shows me a mental image of a razor.

No kidding. Sz has been the hardest, craziest ordeal I have ever been through. You would not believe some of the stuff that happened during my episodes. I’m considering writing a memoir.

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I too am afraid of hell because of sz. Sometimes the anxiety overtakes me for hours.

I encourage that.

Yeah my voices say your safe and it’s me that’s gonna go to hell forever so no need to worrie

Often there is a good => bad pattern to what my schizophrenia does.

First it shows some object/thing/concept in good light, and/or applies good vibes/feelings to it. Then it presents me the same concept again, but turns it into a bad experience by applying unpleasant feelings or vibes to it, and/or telling me (via voices/inserted thoughts) how stupid/bad person I am for having seen that thing as a good thing before.
It has done this repeatedly; first creating a good experience out of something, then repeatedly presents me the same thing as a bad thing, and applies bad feelings/vibes to it.

Do they give u feelings about what they say?

It seems very often I get strange unpleasant feelings when they say something, and sometimes it makes it seem like the voices want me to feel those unpleasant feelings by saying those things.

By " ‘strange’ unpleasant feelings" I mean that the feelings are not an emotional response, but feelings that I never experienced before schizophrenia.

I wonder if these symptoms could be due to med side effects. I have been on meds before that messed w my sense of taste and meds that messed up my bladder and made me constantly feel like I had to pee even when I did not.

Yeah the voices give me fealings by things I say or they say they make what I say feel stupid and what they say feel smart

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