My Saturday as of two minutes ago

I did 3 loads of laundry, vacuumed and straightened my room, did some dishes and had a nice leisurely pancake and fried eggs breakfast. I also watched a little bit of a film for my Media Class. My roommate was gone the whole time but when he got home from church, I charged my laptop and left so he could have a little space to himself. So now I’m at the park to finish watching the film required which incidentally is “Blade Runner 2049”.

And my teacher values my opinions so much that he gave a quiz to see what I thought of the movie. I feel like telling him to get a life, why does he need my damn opinion? Watch the film yourself and get your own opinion! Get your own opinion holmes and quit asking me questions about every little thing in a movie I don’t even particularity like. Nosy SOB. I have no idea why they let this guy become a teacher, he’s awful needy.

(OK, that last paragraph was a joke.)


Sounds like a good day, I hope u r joking about ur teacher haha
Have a good one!

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Quiet you. Giving your opinion is always awesome. That is why I do it every chance I get. Even when people don’t ask for it…or tell me to shut up…Fine I admit it…too much. I give my opinion too much.

Still you have to admit, despite occasionally being annoying it is great when someone confirms your views and opinions are important to them.

And it was really awesome of you to give your room mate some alone time. You sound like a very considerate roommate.

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It takes conscious effort. But I don’t want to go back downtown to the board & care home and share a small room with someone so that motivates me to overlook or ignore certain things in order to get along.

Hmmm, still thinking about that one.


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