My Roku broke

It turns on for a moment and will play but as soon as I change the channel it turns off completely

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Can you restart it and if that doesn’t work maybe unplug it for a few moments.

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How long have you had it? I’ve had mine for several years and it’s starting to wear out on me.

So now it’s Broku


@ThePickinSkunk I’ve tried unplugging it and it didn’t work
@Loke since I was 22 so 4 years?
@brandotron yep lol

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Hmmm. Mine is like at least 5 years old and still works but for you you might need to replace.

Ours is about 5, too, and it’s still going strong. I’d say replace that sucker. New Roku!

@Happy_H @Loke at first it didn’t connect to internet unless it was right next to the internet router I tried fixing it but it didn’t work

If you have Netflix via your Roku you can get a free Netflix app on your phone to log into and watch Netflix.

@Loke I have Netflix anyways so I have the app on my phone but I was wanting to use Roku for things that are free such as Pluto TV and so on

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I get that. Still no luck?

@Loke I gave up awhile ago

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