My question why do we have most of the guys from U.S here in forum..! Is there any reason...!

I havent found anyone from Nepal…!!!

Why we have maximum participation from U.S alone…??? May be due to population and language…!!

Is there sz wide spread in U.S…!!! JUST A HONEST QUESTION…!!!


We don’t have many from the U.K. either for some reason?


Yeah i know maximum number are from U.s…!!!


The web address comes out of the US. It’s a .com address. If it comes out of i.e. :es: Spain it would be a .es address

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These + money, culture and awareness.

I think that there are a lot of people from the U.K. too!

@far_cry0 can you name our US members?
The ones you know.

I think I’ve never seen another Japanese here either.

As @Loke said, if it were then most members would be Japanese talking in Japanese.

Well, guilty. I’m a Yankee, but way out West.

Germany here! 1515

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It’s not my fault, I was born here.

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It’s no doubt a conspiracy !!! :open_mouth: I have started stock piling snow balls at the Montana border, I shall invade at will !!!


:slightly_smiling_face: Long live Canada! :maple_leaf:


Always been more popular. Would suspect access to internet and education brings the most folk. US is like 200 plus million people? European a bit less and Australians…there’s a few who get around here so it’s not all the States but I guess it’s just more popular. Most of the Europeans would have English as a second language and you might find have their own message boards.

Australia has like 25 million people or so…We are a small nation. 1% of that. You can see why we are a rarity.

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The US has a population of 324 million, The UK has 66 million, Canada at 35 million and Australia at 25 million.


@Futomimi is another Japanese but I think he/she abandoned this forum.

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I’m from canada


Well I’m so old I remember when the internet was only in the US. Anyone remember CompuServe? Of course many countries contributed to WWW development. was stated by Brian Cheeko in the US in the early 1990s. I thought it was so cool and rare when other countries would visit.

But now it’s what 2018 and things have grown! Boy if only the internet could be used for world peace but others have different plans.
I could go off on my other thoughts about those bad people, but I’ll stop there and think happy thoughts. Peace and love.


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