My psychiatric song....! Post your's


this video is so sad and real, but it means something different to me,
when I first heard it on the radio, I felt totally deep down darkness and wanted to die.

I love Rise Against !!!

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I don’t believe I ever heard that one, Cindy. It’s pretty creepy. Love Pink Floyd.

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This song got me through hectic times !!
Edit from moderator: trigger warning

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Yeah it’s off the wall album. It’s real short song but packs a lot of meaning I can relate to lol

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Love it @@@@@@@@@

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are you trying to give me nightmares, I have PTSD, jerk.

Hmph! 1515151515


@Daze don’t be mean! Not everyone thinks of PTSD and not everyone has someone to be “the love of their lives” but neither of those call for rubbing things into people’s faces or bullying and that’s what you just were a bully
@ninjastar I know it wasn’t pointed at me but I do believe bullying is against the rules

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@Greenmind love this song

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@daze @anon39015889 consider this a warning. Continuing with the name calling and insults will lead to suspensions for both of you.

Basically anything by Blue October (check out their song Schizophrenia)

I don’t appreciate terrible violience on this site,

and you have nothing to say to him for calling me an ancient old bat??? Please lock this thread. @ninjastar

do a mind check, @Twialine

@Daze don’t bully and follow the rules and I won’t tell on you because there won’t be anything to tell on you for. The propper way to have handled that is asking them to put a trigger warning on the video that’s it

I flagged him, as well as you. You’ll notice I scolded both of you. Now drop it. This is a good thread if you’ll both just let your fight resolve.