My photo collage

Do they look nice? All done with free app on iPad.


Looks like you’ve done some travelling. I don’t travel much these days. This photo is about the extent, my front porch. Yes, winter is coming.


Your photo looks great! I never see winter snow before, only through photo and videos.

@Malvok, where in the world do you live that it’s snowing in August?!?!

It’s not snowing now, I just had that pic from my porch handy. But…winter is coming…

Yeah I dig Game of Thrones. :dragon:

Gotcha. I used to live in Michigan, and I have seen it snow in May at night. Now I live near Phoenix, and haven’t seen snow since I got here in 2004. We did get a monster rain storm last night that led to some flash floods, but not at my place. The roads flood quickly because they are not built to handle rain run-off.