My phone broke

Now I got to pay $250 to get it replaced. ■■■■!

darnit…maybe you can use your stimulus for it???

Yep there goes stimulus! haha

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sucks when they break, my new one last summer fell out of my pocket last summer, then a truck ran over it, had to buy another

I just got up, and my microwave is broken. I’ve only had it six months, but it was a cheap one, like $40.00.

I’ve had to do that before. That’s awful and so much money

A broke microwave would be the worst.

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I’m going to have to get a phone case.

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Luckily I kept the old one, and it still works. I just didn’t like it anymore because it’s big, bulky, and heavy. The old one still works.


Im thinking it’s for the better. I now get to unleash myself from phones.

Now I’m sitting in front of my computer screen. What should I do with all this free time?

Bummer. I always get the best hardcase I possibly can because I will drop a phone. Worth the extra dollars for sure especially with the price of phones these days.


Sorry for the broken phone and microwave folks. A less than auspicious start to the new year. Here’s hoping things get better.


It’s a hard knock life without a phone. The insurance company said it would be here within 1-2 days.

My damn monkey chewed on my phone and threw it out a second story window. That’s the third phone in two months. I’m trying to raise him right, I don’t know where I’m going wrong.

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Damn I’m sorry. Amazon sales a lot of fairly cheap flip phones if you don’t really need a smartphone.

Screen protector.

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If you’re in the USA, maybe try for repair guides and parts.

I put the SIM card in wrong. I’m waiting for another replacement. It should be here Friday. d’oh

Darn it what a shame you get to get a shiney new phone aha. Not to sound mean but that prospect would really make me happy.