My pdoc won't disclose my diagnosis with me

she says disclosing a diagnosis “scares young people”. She then asked me what I thought I had, and when I answered, she said “well, that’s your diagnosis then”. So weird…I’ve been seeing her since February, so it’s not like she just met me.


How old are u zeke …which med are u on…???

That’s kinda not right

i’m 26 and i’m on latuda

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Are you in the states? You have a right to your medical records if you really want to know that badly.

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I think they are concerned about u…tell them telling diagnosis won’t scare u off…will u try it…

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yea, I’m getting sick of asking her and she seems annoyed when i do ask. Oh well

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My care team didn’t tell me I had Bipolar for 13 months, I only found out when I read a Dx report from the day centre I attend. On asking my pdoc he said it wasn’t in my best interest to tell me.

That is really not right!
And the question she asked you (what you think you have), what is that!? Some kind of little game?! This is ridiculous. She has to be professional! And you have the right to know your diagnosis!!!

Best of luck!

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My psychiatrist doesn’t like discussing my diagnosis because she isn’t sure exactly what I have.
It’s as simple as that.


a few of my doctors didn’t discuss my diagnosis with me. one I found out from paper work my doctor had to sign for student loan discharge now he can’t decide what kind of schizoaffective disorder that I have he said he is bouncing between bipolar and depressive but he neither fits perfectly.

My pdoc does not like to talk diagnoses either. She treats symptoms she says.

But I talked to a nurse and she read my record and said “you were terribly ill”. That was no news to me. But he did not say my diagnose either.

I know she wrote depression to my employer when he needed to know why I could not work. But depression is no cause to be admitted for 6 months.

In psyche ward they said schizophreniform to me.


hmm…well when supposably I had my “first episode” I knew something wasn’t right with me. I asked a couple of times what I had when I was admitted to the hospital. It was the first time I was admitted…then they finally told me what they “think” it was. I think you can actually sue them depending on your country/state I’m not sure. I was diagnosed when I was 25 also so my age is not that different from yours. If they can tell a patient they have terminal cancer or say have a month to live…what can be possibly worse? I mean you seem to be a stable person enough to know your diagnoses…I don’t know but that’s just my opinion.

Some pdocs don’t like to disclose their diagnoses.

When I first went in hospital they told me sza straight off the bat. When I got discharged I asked to quit my lithium and when nothing drastically bad happened they began to question the affective part. My next doctor hated giving a diagnosis but for beaurocratic purposes I was told to say sz.

Now in the uk they don’t like the term sz so generally use the blanket term psychosis.

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