My pdoc was really, really good today

This is the first time he has seen me unstable. I was worried he would criticise and chide me but he was 100% supportive.


I was only in for 20 minutes but it was enough to put a good plan together. My new nurse (who is excellent) was there being a total pro as well.


thats great that the whole team is behind you :slight_smile:

i phoned up my duty nurse today as well and she was nice but i still dont get it :confused: she said we shouldnt be defined by our diagnosis anyway, i said i’d been worried about it and getting sore heads and tired (i thought it might be the meds) so i left it a bit longer today and she said that was not a good idea, but it did help as i felt less tired and more aware with less headache :frowning: its very strange.

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I constantly get the feeling that my treatment team is criticizing me but I know it is probably not true. They are in fact very supportive. You just need to find the right people.

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@mrhappy do you think it could be stress. Stress gives me headaches and makes me tired. You have had a stressful summer too.

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its stress, anxiety, worry and nerves, i think it may be side effects as well :confused: idk

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Yeah stress and anxiety is just awful. Really, really hard. I can’t give good advice because I don’t handle it all that well myself. All I know that helps me is the passing of time.

I would suggest you throw yourself into your support network: clubhouse, friends, family and nurses. You are a good guy and deserve a break.


thx, i’ve been doing all that, this thing has been creeping up on me, i’ve always had anxiety, better or worse depending on what i am doing, i’m going to try and not give it any power, i hope if i try and ignore it it will go away lol works sometimes i guess.

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Maybe you need a med assessment. I know pregabalin helps me. Do you think you could tolerate going back on that?

not really, its ok, i just need to put up with it, we all deal with stress and anxiety etc, its just some people have a lower thresh hold to tolerate stress,

i need to try and just deal with it, its hard to do for most of us but i think i have made some progress, i’m trying to completely come down from the high state of alert that comes with sz, i need my med though, i wont be able to do it without that.

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Yeah man, if you came off your med I think things would fall apart.

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i took it a bit later today and that helped, i tried to explain it to the duty nurse, i said my brain is like a petrol tank and the med is my fuel, i said i had too much fuel (med) in my system and i thought it was flooding my engine lol, it makes sense to me but she didnt see it that way.

Glad you had a productive meeting with him @anon35166066!

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