My pdoc knew some crippling things to say

I really think he cheated a lot of us out of money by snagging us. Not to mention our self esteem and social life. Who do they think they are?

What did your pdoc say to you that was “crippling”? That is, if you don’t mind sharing. Your post is a little vague on the details.

He put me in a category of "People like you "…“Maybe you’d like to kill your parents…” That’s teasing because even if I wanted to, I wouldn’t do it. He kept asking about my parents when I was miles and miles away from them and trying to live an adult life on campus. He made me feel like a lost child. Important things like constipation or car accidents he never mentioned. Just about a bunch of Freudian violence and dreaming He drained me of my energy.


I’m not a big fan of Freud. I think he got more wrong than right. Although his thoughts on the conscious and unconscious mind were revolutionary

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In my own experience, psychiatrists are arrogant dicks. I wouldn’t put any importance on what he had to say, it’s him

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Some things he said I won’t repeat. I weakened to him eventually. It was awful. I became psychotic and then he refused me, said I was normal.

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