My pdoc is talking about ECT

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. Its for depression similar to ECT but less intense and much less risky with fewer side effects.

@LevelJ1 is using TMS for depression. I think its working for him. Talk about TMS with your Dr.


@LevelJ1 I just read that rTMS is also used off label for bipolar, ptsd, anxiety and ocd.


Tms helps. Definitely brightened my mood. But didnt increase motivation or solve avolition. No longer thinking of suicide so thats good.
No memory issues with tms either. It feels like a woodpecker tapping on your noggin for 20 mins so its a bit annoying.

20 initial treatments. Then i did maintenance treatment 2 times twice a month for a while then twice a month now once a month.

Im not going at the moment due to some mania issues (not from tms)
I usually go once a month now. Ill probly go less once im working again cuz i wont have time for it.

Hope it helps if you can get it covered


Yeah actually we are doing it off label for my bipolar. I just snuck my way in with the ‘treatment resistant depression’ label cuz welbutrin did nothing for me lol

I do the right side slow tms protocol. 1 pulse per second. Recommended for bipolar patients

For depression they mostly use thetaburst left side



I’ll talk to my pdoc. I’m a little freaked out that my pdoc recommended ECT. I’ll do a Google search and check it out.


Thanks so much for your help.


i had ect done back around2006 …i had no negative experiemces

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according to google you can get ECT done for sz

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Thanks, @karl

How many treatments did you have in total?

I have had a depression and was recently treated with 8 ect treatments. It didn’t help. But if you have had the experienced it helped you previously, then give it a go.

Otherwise - if your problem is depression and the AD meds don’t help, then ask you pdoc if an MAO- inhibitor (AD meds) could help you. It’s the only AD that works for me, but it’s a complicated treatment.

Good luck.

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honestly my memory of the whole time is a little hazy…i believe i had just two treatments of ECT but really i dont know why my pdoc prescribed it for me as i did not believe i was ill

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@bluebutterfly @karl

Thank you very much for sharing something so personal. I know a couple of irl friends that had it… one worked and one didn’t.

MAOIs have very strict diets, right?

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Yeah, you have to follow a diet, but it’s not that hard. Old cheese and draft beer and soya sauce is a no go

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Chocolate too, right?

Tms is better than has less electric impulses and less impact on memory.

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I had it done and my memory is shot. No more for me.


@TheCleaner @Pianogal

I’m going to have to research TMS. I’ve never heard about it before this thread.

I’ve made a decision that I’m not going to even consider ECT without retrying topomax and an AD.

Thanks so much!


After seeing what ECT did to my father, I’d be loathe to recommend it to anybody. He had 16 treatments over 3 months and it completely zapped his memory and functioning. Made him into a babbling idiot. He killed himself via shotgun to the head 3 years later.


I am so sorry you lost your father. How long ago did he have ECT.?

Stay strong.

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He was treated in 1998, 8 treatments as in-patient, and 8 as out-patient. Our relationship improves every year he’s gone. Bloody oxygen thief. Anyway, yeah, exhaust ALL alternatives first, even TMS.

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I agree try TMS and medications before trying ECT.

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