My pdoc has a crush on me


He keeps making eye contact with me and leaning forwards to try and make me “connect” with him. And he keeps asking questions about my relationship like “does your boyfriend treat you well?”, “Do you think you will stay with him long term?” . Then he starting describing the kind of women he likes but basically described my appearance.
Then he started teasing me because he asked what are my hobbies and I said I spend most of the day in bed. He looked shocked and said “I can’t imagine that”… then he said “maybe I can” and started grinning.

Also I told him I have an account on Instagram and he asked me what my username is but I wouldn’t tell him.

Then he started saying how he offers private therapy but would be willing to do mine for free if I felt comfortable with him because he thinks we have a good connection.


Is this your psychiatrist or therapist ?


Highly unprofessional.


I dislike psychiatrists from my experience with them. They are not too smart. And also they can abuse peoples rights with forced treatment.


You need to find a new doctor,

And report him to his superiors.


@goldenrex is right. Fire him, report him, and get a new pdoc.


Have a psychiatrist of the same gender is better preferred.


This is weird…


Yikes! This kind of does sound unprofessional to me.
Find another doctor ASAP!


If he is a good doctor and you want to keep him for medical reasons, you would do well to keep your “suspicion” to yourself. He is ethically bound so long as you are his patient not to allow a relationship to develop with you. This is a trained and licensed professional you are talking about…not a high school crush. One misstep and he loses his medical license. If you want to confront him, then I suggest that you ask him to refer you to another doctor.

There is no leeway for a physician to engage romantically with an active patient. This would breach the boundaries of the physician-iatient relationship. In some cases, physicians have lost their credentials due to conduct that may be considered disgraceful, dishonourable or unprofessional to their medical colleges. Regardless of such stern occurrence, approx. 2-9% of physicians engage in such relationships.

Depending on the state, he isn’t legally allowed to date an ex-patient for at least 6 months and it may be a year or longer after he “fires” you. Even if he is interested, keep in mind that it may be still frowned upon and if I were in the doc’s shoes, I would still say no, because 1. there is an abundance of women out there 2. better safe than sorry, I wouldn’t risk the license. There are so many out there, what makes you different that he’d waste all his years of dedication?


Sounds pretty creepy to me. My guess is he will keep doing what he’s doing as long as you let him. And chances are he may go even further. He is not innocent or unaware. He knows exactly what he’s doing and he will get away with whatever he can.


Fire him right away he only has his own interests in mind, very creepy


This is sketchy as hell! Please report him and stop seeing him. It sounds like he’s been escalating this behavior for some time. It will probably continue to escalate as lon as you stay silent. He could also be doing this to other girls, who might be too afraid to say something. This is predatory and he could get fired for this. He deserves to get fired for this!


That’s weird. The fact that he’s doing that to someone who might regularly have delusions or false persecutory beliefs is even scarier, unless you have people that really trust you it might be hard to get a normie to believe your story over a doctors. And there’s a good chance he’ll continue doing what he’s doing. I’d just find a new doc ASAP


That’s super creepy and highly unprofessional. Stop seeing him immediately. And report him too.


Yeah I think some of them are not that smart either. Some of them act like your a little kid and they have authority over you. Ordering you around and crap.


Ya I would get a new doctor. My nurse practitioner tells me I remind her of some actor on TV but I have no idea who he is so I don’t think anything of it. She sees my wife too. Sometimes we even go in together.

She wasn’t creepy about it though. I wouldn’t see him again.