My parent has delusional disorder - am I at risk for schizophrenia?

My mom has had delusional disorder for probably around 7 years now. She never had negative symptoms, just a belief that her sister-in-law was spying on her through her phone. Nothing super out of the ordinary and we believed her for a few years as well. It has never progressed into hallucinations or anything like that (that I was aware of) and she has never received treatment for it. She is extremely high functioning, etc. Well, as her 22-year-old son, I’ve always been fearful of developing her mental illness or even schizophrenia. I do suffer a few mental illnesses myself, such as depression, OCD, anxiety, and I think my OCD has made me really anxious about developing psychosis. My sister is 28 and hasn’t shown any signs of developing psychosis but we both have an unfortunate history of drug use (cannabis, MDMA, amphetamines, LSD, alcohol). I think at this point I’m just waiting for the delusions/hallucinations to start.

If the drugs haven’t triggered it yet, you may be safe.

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I’m not sure if you will develop a psychotic disorder… do you have some symptoms that make you fear it?

Welcome to the forum. I think only time will tell. Just make sure to report any and all symptoms to your psychiatrist.

I’ve been really hyper-aware of noises that usually didn’t bother me. Sometimes I’ll think I hear someone talking but it’s my roommate snoring or my fan. I have a really big fear of dogs and one time I was at the park and heard really loud barking and thought I was imagining it but recorded it. I’m really sensitive whenever I hear someone whisper, talk quietly, etc and always have to ask them if they actually did that. It makes me feel like I’m losing my mind

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