My painting received a bid


not sure how to do that…



That is a really cool painting @amity!!
What language are those characters from?


That looks like my dad’s daily read. Cool art, you are talented!


It looks either Chinese or Japanese


Yeah, that is what I was thinking also


I think it’s Japanese bc I see Japanese characters in the painting. See the Japanese use some Chinese characters in their writing.


I’m not sure what language. I picked up a reader at my local Chinese place so maybe its Chinese?


There are one or two Japanese characters in the painting. This could be an accident. I can’t read Japanese anymore but I recognize the characters.

Considering the Japanese burrowed some Chinese characters for their writing systems is why I thought it might be Japanese. I’m probably wrong tho being that it’s been years since I’ve studied it.


@Loke, same here.
I learned katakana and hiragana ages ago, although I still remember how to write some of the characters. With the kanji though, I only learned a very few characters from the start.
My initial thought was that it was probably Japanese though.
In my support group last week, I tought the group how to count to 1 to 10 in Japanese. I showed them how to draw the kanji characters of the numbers. They thought it was pretty cool.