My new shop. Zero sales uhh

I made a shop but feel silly and disheartened. Do you think the stuff even looks worth buying.

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I know it’s onlu been 2 days though but I do get impatient.

Costs a lot to drive traffic to an online store, and even then there’s no guarantee your products are winners.

If you have £4000 to spend on testing products (and £500-1000 for good dropshipping training on doing that), you have a decent chance of finding econmerce success.

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Hang in there @anon80629714. Word of mouth is good. Get to selling your stuff to friends and family and get a good name. Even Nike had to start somewhere!

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It’s more of a hobby thing to sell. I have no money to invest in so much stuff.

Thank you. I will try be more patient with this. It usually takes at least a month on Etsy to make a sale. I’ve been on there 2 days or so.


@anon80629714, I’m in the same boat, wanting to get into ecommerce but lacking the funds to get traction. Going to do online work for the funding.

Sadly if an online shopkeeper doesn’t spend money testing their product (and learning what particular audience wants it,) the store will just sit idle.

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Have you heard of printful. I just make the designs and upload and thet do the rest. It’s worth a shot. See how it goes. It’s just for fun. Even if I make one sale I’d. Be so happy

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Printful is a cool print on demand service, but POD is pretty expensive to get traction in, lots of testing and audience targeting and design alterations are needed.

Not trying to discourage you, but if you can get the initial funding and “crack the code” for fulfilling demand, your business will scale like mad, and you will be able to hit 6 figures with a surprising amount of ease.

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@anon80629714 How do you pay? If it’s reasonable I’d buy a tote bag. Paypal is preferred. Just asking don’t have to reveal details. I’m just saying a tote bag looks ok and on payday I do have some coin to fling around the world!

@rogueone that’s very sweet. :blush:but I’d really like to remain anon here. It’s not to offend. Really sorry :pensive:

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Yeah no problems. I’d still support your product and wish you well with it! I think it looks good and I’d be one to use them!

Use your friends, family and business people. Word of mouth is still good for selling before you need to pay for advertising!

It’s all good! Love your work!

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My dad and his girlfriend both rent out shelves at an antique mall that gets a lot of traffic. I figure the UK has many places like that. If Etsy doesn’t pan out look at those options.

Best of luck Ish


are you going to build a website Ish? have a domain name. if it’s POD is it a certain niche? social media too?

I study a lot of online stuff. I would help you if you want. i’m not making promises. I’m new at this. i also need a lot of flexibility. stress can worsen my symptoms so i need to do it in my time also. But if you want any help let me know. I’ve only helped a relative so far. Good Luck either way!


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