My new apartment (Pics)

I spend almost all my time at home.

This is going to be a big change

Changing area was not my preference, but I’ll be alright I think.

Can’t wait to paint it!

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Just keep stocking and moving while you can. Do you have a pet?

I don’t but I would like one really badly.

Not suitable here for a dog unfortunately.

Not sure it would be fair not to have a garden

My parents have a dog that I like a lot, so I can’t get a cat as she wouldn’t be able to stay with me


@Joker Super nice pad.

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Wow! What a great place!

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Very Nice… lots of space… very nice kitchen

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Right f****** on man. Happy for you

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Sheet … 36 likes. Sorry this is not happening anymore

I have let myself down.

How many steps backwards until everything will rewind?


Congratulations.its great house

I’m sorry it feels like you’re letting yourself down. But you’re looking after your mental health and that’s really important too

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I want to buy a flat so bad but idk. Got so many serious obstacles :confused:

I also wouldn’t buy a flat unless it was new.

It’s a lot of responsibility.

So yea, defo think deep about it.

But if you feel you can do it, after your thinking then go for it and be proud… :slight_smile:

Typo mistake 12345567

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I hope you find your equilibrium back soon. I once had to cancel the purchase of an apartment in Brussels when I got psychotic again. It wasn’t a big deal. Still a bit stressful. You keep doing you. Take care of yourself first and likely you’ll be fine.

Looks a bit Scandinavian with all the wood. Hope you enjoy your new cozy place!

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looks really nice @Joker
i hope you will have nice times there =)

Don’t you live near London?

That room probably costs twice the amount each month for what I pay here

You literally choose to live in one of the most expensive places on planet Earth, so if you don’t like it, move.

It suits me just fine atm.

It’s cheaper than where I lived just before then.

I have several reasons for living where I live.

Buying is not something I can do atm.

I may have to pay a fine soon.

I have not got enough savings atm

My current job doesn’t pay enough for a mortgage

Mental health to reflect on


Reflecting on my mental health living in the South - not even London - is so expensive, I will end up moving to a northern city like Sheffield so I don’t have to be a wage slave to my accommodation for the next 30 years…

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Yea TRUST me if I was going to buy

I would defo not live where I live now

I do plan to move somewhere else in the future

Whether renting or buying.

Hey hey I hope you’re gonna be okay.