I had a big day today because

today was moving day. And I Love my new apartment :hugs: :heart_eyes:. It is 400 sq. ft. larger than my last apartment. It’s a two bedroom, two bathroom, with a balcony. It’s got a very large master bedroom. The largest I’ve ever had. It’s got lot’s of closet space. The condition of the place is immaculate. And the balcony and windows look out over the beautifully kept courtyard and landscaping. So far, I’m very happy here.


Very cool. Hope the move wasn’t too painful and enjoy your new pad.

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That’s brilliant SkinnyMe… Hope you enjoy yourself there and can create happy new memories.

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@anon83141956 , @rogueone , Thankyou so much you two!

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Congratulations really happy you found a place and love it so much

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