My neighbour just gave me a box of cookies for Christmas!

I said but I’ve not gotten anything for you.

But she said seeing you well again is the only present I need.

I shed a little tear


Wow. That’s really nice.


I know right. I am lucky to have her as a neighbour. She looks out for me.


It’s good to have nice neighbors.


Wow that made me tear up a little.
That’s so nice!

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How thoughtful! That’s awesome!!!

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That’s lovely :slight_smile: Really nice to hear about these small but so meaningful gestures.

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i wish i had a neighbour like that :frowning:

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Cool beans! Yes I get a feeling the word “neighbor” has lost some of its meaning, we move a lot and some places I never even talked to the neighbors. Seems like a shame.

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Great neighbour! Always nice to see such kind gestures from people! Have a good xmas @anon94176359 !

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