My mother told me to up the meds because she can't stand me

Because I’m always negative and I can’t blame her.

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sounds like your mother :older_woman: needs a bit more education on symptoms… :books:
take care :alien:

i am sorry you have a non supportive mother. my mother is bipolar depressive so she isnt much help to me but i am lucky to have a supportive step mother and great dad

your mom needs to up her meds lmao

I’m sorry you’re dealing with this… sounds like maybe…

She wants to be happier - which is why she’s asking you to take more meds.
You want to be happier - which is why you’re here on the forum looking for support.

I’m a parent of a sz son, and we want our kids to be happy. But we screw up from time-to-time. Once my son and I got in each other’s face(s). Later we apologized. We both let go of the need to be right, in favor of moving toward kindness.

Your mother probably wants to say:
I’m sorry you are dealing with this awful condition that you never asked for.
Forgive me for not always knowing what to do.
I wish I was as good and helpful as others people are.
I hope you will consider trusting me about the meds so it helps us both.
I appreciate it when you try your best - because I love you. I will try my best too. You mean so much to me.

You can trust her…
or not…
or compromise.

Maybe she wants you to increase the dose by 100%. Offer to go 50%. Or not. Tell a doctor what’s happening and ask the doctor! Ask her if she can go 50% in some direction that would help YOU.

Who benefits when we are 100% angry?! :no_mouth:

Yes, you may be negative – but maybe less than you think. Try to not let the sz control everything. Practice moving toward some improvement in you. My son is often negative, but I don’t make him wrong for it because I know he sees/feels things more intensely than I do. That’s how I moved toward some improvement in ME.

Don’t expect immediate perfection.
It’s said that airplanes are off-course 90% of the time. The other 10% of the time the airplanes are making course corrections. If you catch yourself being negative, there’s no law that says that’s “the last word.” Just re-state a negativity with something positive.

Explain some of your thoughts. We caregivers are often not well informed – so information from YOU is priceless!! Try to raise the good-vibes up a notch FOR YOU. Her better attitude will arrive with a little time. :sunny:


My mom one time started arguing with me in the middle of public about how I needed to quit taking my meds. Then when I realized what we were doing I was like “why are we even discussing this here right now?”

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Always said, I take meds just for other people, because I’m perfectly fine.

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people use to say to me ‘cheer up’

i dont blame them

i try my best x

so maybe its helping me in that way

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Speak to a doctor and if they agree with her for every extra nes you have to take throw something (non injury causing) at her just to be extra angry. Kidding of course but seriously need changes is for you and a doctor not your family

Sorry you and your mom had words. You’re still one of the cutest girls I’ve ever seen. cheer up, you’re beautiful!

my partner wants the new pdoc if I ever get an appointment to add an antidepressant to my med list and take me off some of the others. I think she is just worried about my recent bout of depression and it’s noticeable I guess.

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Mothers can be famous for bringing meds into the picture when things aren’t going the way they would like them to be. Dads are a little more circumspect.