My mother hollered at me for buying hamburger helper!

I stopped at the store to buy some six packs of soft drinks and potato chips. When I also added evaporated milk and hamburger helper to my groceries and came out from the store with it; she started to holler at me about I was going to spend my money down to $0.00. I was so mad at her that I yelled back and then we got to the department store, I went straight inside and didn’t even wait to hold the door for her. She did later apologize and bought me two sundresses on sale real cheap at the store. She made me buy my Keds on sale real cheap at the store. But, it still upset me-hollering at me about buying Hamburger Helper. That woman is obsessed or something. I know I can’t change her; but, it wouldn’t be so bad if I wasn’t already seeing a man at the bank who helps with my finances, etc. In her warped mind; she thought if I bought two boxes of Hamburger Helper; I wouldn’t be able to afford a car loan. I know she cares about me; but, her caring about me I could do without!!! I am working to let it slide off my back and get on with my evening.


Sorry, but that topic subject made me smile. Anyway, she apologised and bought you some dresses, ‘normal’ people have little blips too.

that does seem awful odd. I am glad you two made up. I have to watch my compulsory tendency when I’m at the grocery store.