My most recent ex thinks I'm heartless

I’ve posted about her before. We broke up in December but still live together. We had a toxic relationship and we both made a lot of mistakes. But now I haven’t been able to express much feelings and ahe thinks I’m heartless.
Anyone else been accused of that?

I am sorry to hear that you are being accused like that. Are you planning on moving out if your partner doesn’t understand you?

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I don’t know you but you are probably very kind and you definitely have a heart. Everyone has a heart. Maybe she is accusing you of being emotionless? Sometimes our illness can make us emotionless or appear emotionless. Sometimes when we are coping in stressful situations we shut down and appear emotionless and heartless. Maybe you have just shut down in your relationship with her because it was just so toxic. I would just talk to her about it.

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I’ve been accused of it for not doing someone’s extra shift cos they had a family thing but I really did not want to do the shift. I was real exhausted


I’m trying to find new housing. My therapist is helping me apply for things to get me out. I really hope I qualify.
She’s accused me of a lot. Emotionless, heartless, a liar, a cheater, etc. I don’t feel like any of it is true but I question that a lot even. How could I know?
I am definitely shutting down.


I’d def speak to a professional about examples etc of how your partner thinks your all this it’s awful when you start to believe things if they aren’t truly you.

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I feel that way but I only love one person. I go Cray cray wjen he’s not around and Idk how to handle it. I’m supposed to be with him but I go mentally batshit crazy until he comes around and all my spinning stops and I’m normal. It’s stupid. I can’t explain it. I go on crazy spins…

You’re definitely right , I will talk to my therapist next week about it.
It’s just so hard believing my own perceptions

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Some people force us to be liars and cheaters, either they put you on the spot, or they ask for proof, and you want a little break. I know for fact, many want you behind the 8 ball.

She is just trying to hurt you because she is hurting right now. You might be some of those things though. Its a learning experience. She is trying to shock you back. This to will pass. She wants to avoid going through it but you can’t help it right now. If its toxic then let it go.
She has a toxic interpretation of what she and you are going through. And when your ‘one’ it tears your soul to break up.

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