My morning bicycle ride


Are you feeling better @mjseu?

I am feeling ok …

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I’d like to visit where you live some day, msjeu. Nice pictures.

If you come and visit here,you might come in the summer, there are many places even in Finland where I have not been. If I was you, I would fly to Helsinki and then continue to Saint Petersburg, Russia and Tallin, Estonia, a quick way to see places. Although I am quite close to these cities I have never been in Tallin or Saint Petersburg. I was in Leningrad in 1989 and then in the 1990s the name of the city was changed to Saint Petersburg. It is totally different there nowadays. Back in 1989 we had one Estonian guide in Leningrad and I happened to mention that when everything changes people can own their own autos as it is now in Saint Petersburg, this Estonian guide just commented that the state owns all autos as it was during the Soviet Union.

I’m really envious of the cycle friendly area where you live. I’d love to cycle in an area like that. Great photos too.

Looks beautiful

@mjseu. Those are lovely photos! It must be so pleasant riding your bike through such pretty scenery.

Looks like a nice place. Good to see you enjoying it!

I visited the gardens in my hometown earlier this year

I don’t get enough sun, I hardly go outside.


Thank you for sharing these pictures @mjseu and @mortimermouse. Both of these places look so inviting.