My mom will kill me

She seemed angry in the phone call

This time shall pass.

It did for me.

Good luck

This is your psychotic delusion not reality. This is why you need meds

Why was she angry

Because I couldn’t take one of my meds

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I am on meds now

You should tell your mom not to get mad at you since you’re mentally ill.

Maybe cut her out of your life if she’s toxic

She’s my only parent alive

I told her that

Oh, then yeah, don’t cut her out then.

I’m scared :frowning: what to do

Those of you saying to cut her mother out or other things that his user has a history of delusional behavior about their mother and other authorities. Don’t encourage her.

i’m not delusional

You constantly post delusional things like how your mother will kill you.

When you can go a week without posting something repetitive or delusional, I’ll change my mind.

How is that delusional when its a genuine fear

I’m not going to bother. Carry on.

I knew people hate me

Should I do another threat?

İ don t hate you at all if this count