My Mom started chemo yesterday

I love her so much. She is sweet, innocent, unsophisticated and simple person and she was so brave yesterday, she wasn’t nervous or flinching when they began. I was with her and had to leave with my car to get something for her, and I hadn’t cried with that much feeling in a really long time.

I haven’t heard anything about whether she’ll survive or not- I think my parents are not sharing that with me because they know how I am with emotions and suicidal thinking.

Please pray to your higher power for my Mom


Oh man… I’m so sorry, Nomad. That’s rough. I really hope your mom recovers. Hold on to your strength.

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Man this puts tears in my eyes.
I’ll be praying for your Mom @Nomad.
Everything could be fine.

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I’ll be sending you and your mom good vibes from California.

Sorry your family is going through this,

But it sounds like she’s coping well.

I took care of my mother in law during her chemo and it was kind of rough,

However, keeping a positive attitude made a huge difference.

Its not a token thing, it really matters.

You’re doing good, @Nomad,

Keep it up.


I hope everything will be ok.

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I wish your family the best. :cry:

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Al the best for you and your mother. Chemo can make you exhausted and cranky, so be gentle with her (I am sure you will be). Watching a loved one suffer and being unable to relieve that suffering can really mess with your head, so be gentle with yourself as well.


WIshing you and your family soo much positivity right now.

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Sending you all the best wishes for your mother and your family at this rough time. I was with my Uncle through his chemo. It was awful.

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I hope everything turns out alright for your mom.

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In so sorry you and your mom are going through this. I’ll be praying. Hang in there.

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I’m sorry to hear that about your mom! I wish her all the best and hope everything comes out well.


I am so sorry Nomad you and your family have to endure the rath of cancer. I will pray for your Mother & for your family. Your Mother sounds very brave and in great spirits that is half the battle. Stay as positive as you possibly can during this very difficult time.

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