My Message on Soundcloud?

“I’m trying to prove that most Schizophrenics don’t go into movie theaters with guns…that most of us just want to hide under the couch.”

Because of @zwolfgang’s production of my ballad, we have a small platform now of over 5000 views and over 240 likes over the last 2 days.

So I wrote that comment to try to break the stigma for all of us who share similar afflictions. :slight_smile:

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I just know when someone finds out I’m Schizophrenic, their first question is …“Are you violent?”

I’m trying to turf that notion.

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I appreciate that man! I think its important that if this gets big we let everyone know that schizophrenics are capable of beautiful things too, and were not violent dangers to society

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A young woman just commented on your production of our song.

She called it “Enchanting”…and…a “Masterpiece”

Indeed! :slight_smile:

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Yeah I saw that! Im blown away honestly the positive attention Ive received from friends, reddit here everywhere its insane to me

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