My life is better now

I am less isolated now. My social phobia is better now. I get to do errands, so I have more to do.


I’m very happy for you @Jake ! This is great news!


I’m happy for you.

I think you moved to a group home where you have company and activities.

That’s so good to hear!

My psychiatrist has also brought it up for me to go to a group home. Right now I’m just happy to live alone. But we will see said the blind.

Happy you’re doing so great!

Sounds like you’re doing great! Really happy for you!

I could really do with some interaction from a place like this

In reality here where I live it’s just a lot of flat units in one place with an external office

Think that would be just as isolating

There is a psychosis hospital here that’s sorta a group home, but only homeless people tend to get a bed in that place

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Glad you’re doing well @Jake

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