My heart rate is high again

That’s why I quit clozapine before on cardiologist’s order.

I was stressed lately and took again a low dose. I have an Apple Watch now so I can easily monitor my heart rate. While walking it’s on average 150 bpm. Way too high!

I like being calm on clozapine but it’s way too taxing on my heart. I’m going to quit again and do everything I can to avoid stress so that I don’t need it again.

Thanks for reading.


Sounds like you made a good choice. Sorry you have this trouble and worry.

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Clozapine and all the drugs ending in pine can cause tachycardia. If i remember right, it’s because they affect the M1 channel or something like that. It’s been a while sense i researched it. There was a good video on youtube made by a pharmacist who explained the side effects of all the antipsychotics on youtube that i learned it from but I can’t find it right now. Anyway…clozapine gave me severe tachycardia too, i had to see a cardiologist and was put on a heart drug for it before i decided it wasn’t worth it. Seroquel and zyprexa also give me tachycardia.

Oh i found it…i learned a lot from this


Speak to your doctor they will perhaps give you a smaller dose of a different ap

Its a balancing act so you need to speak with pdoc, just ask reception to fit you in urgently for a med review

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I’m on beta blockers for bpm

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