My goals in life

My goals are the following ones( I will follow them if I manage to change my genetic parameters):

  1. To observe most of Judaism’s commandments.
  2. To work out every day(maybe apart from Saturaday when religion prohibits it) and sometimes more than once a day.
  3. To make money.

I want to be a genius in Mathematics, Computers, Languages and Engineering, and in excellent Physical
Fitness, and all this will be achieved through genetic modifications.

These are my goals, and with them I am headed to the fight.
The things I manage to do now:
Working out, and to a limited degree following my interest in religion.
My fitness is rather good, esp the aerobic part, and it keeps improving.
But cognitively, money wise, and religion wise I am a shell of what I would like to be.


Best of luck achieving your goals!


@DelusionalSoldier I feel like I have nothing to hide.
I have no problem if other people would want to copy my goals.
I am not afraid of competition.


My goals in life is:

  1. Not to have intrusive thoughts.
  2. To be left alone from caustic people
  3. To be mentally or physically healthy
  4. To have a career I love and can make money
  5. To be slender and beautiful
  6. To take care of family
  7. To live a long life
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My goal in life is to have goals.

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