My friend just called me crazy

Wanted to share. There is this friend i have known for a couple of years. I recently told him of my psychoses. Since that time he has already jokingly called me crazy (in different phrases) a couple of times. I told him upfront that i dont like it. He did apologize and say he doesnt mean it, he admires my strenght in dealing with all this.

My mum also calls me crazy sometimes because of the psychoses, but in a mean way, in fights, with the intention to hurt.

What do you do when people call you crazy or something along those lines? Do people you know ever do that?

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Yes, they do.

I’ve told a family member to stop using a certain word, and they began using it even more! I had to eventually pretend that I wasn’t affected by it for them to stop using it. It was like dealing with a child.

So now, I keep things like that well hidden from my family. Anything that might annoy me is my little secret.

It might be a strategy to consider.


I’ve noticed that since becoming crazy myself I never use that term in conversation. Other people say crazy all the time. It doesn’t offend me anymore because I’m not crazy at the moment. Still I never say crazy.

Whenever someone says “crazy” or “psycho” around me, I tell them, “Hey! That’s our word.” My friends have been trying to be better about using such words now.

my in laws call me crazy sometimes and they got their daughter to do it too but she doesn’t understand what is wrong with me since i told my inlaws i never want her to know.

Of course! Psycho or just being labeled a weirdo. I take the Stoic road and when someone thinks they are insulting me I just say with a grin…“hmm, well, that’s your problem." It took me a while to master this but when you see the satisfaction drain from their eyes it makes me feel like an inverse bully of sorts. Feels good! Besides if they didn’t label you crazy they’d find some other trait to ridicule you about.

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It bugs the crap out of me when I hear someone refer to people with severe MI as “crazy,” “psycho,” etc. I try not to let it show, though. People typically don’t say that to me, about me. I once had a friend say to me, “because you so crazy,” when I was talking to her about mental symptoms, problems I was having. I was actually okay with it in that case, because she has serious MI herself. Like @ninjastar said, that is our word. I actually found it pretty funny the way that friend said it.

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Personally I’m not offended by the term crazy, and call myself crazy all the time. By conventional standards I am rather crazy. But I acknowledge that many people find this term very offensive. If it really bothers you, make sure you have a serious talk with those who are using the term and explain why it’s hurtful.

I guess I’m a little different than some of the people on here I call myself crazy when talking to family members. My sister with say something like that is cray cray and I’ll be like I’m the one that’s cray cray. Although that has more to do with a hallucination I had when I was psychotic and one of my voices said something to that effect. It doesn’t bother me unless people actually start discriminating and excluding me from things based on my sz disorder.

Where I live it is a common thing to say, ‘And then he went schizo’ if someone loses their temper. Not even crazy but schizo specifically.

That does bother me a bit when they say schitzo. Just because it feels so aimed at me. I have tried to embrace the use of crazy because it is used so freely with people. It sucks when your a bit paranoid and you think there aiming it at you. But I pretty much brush it off. Most of the time there talking about norms. I think when your friends use it and they know you are sz. They think it’s our little secret that we can now laugh at together because you are now doing so well. But they don’t get how it stings,.

My friends and I mysel too, refer to my psychotic episodes as ‘crazy’ or ‘insane’. Most of the times, I am thankful for all of us calling it what it is. On few occasions, it stings a bit. But that’s what psychosis does, it stings a bit.

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I use and accept others using the “crazy” word.
My psychiatrist used the word crazy to describe my recent psychotic break.
I don’t accept other words like psycho, sicko or wacko and similar terms.

Me and my friends will joke around and we will call each other stupid and crazy but we do it when we are laughing and when we do it we know we are joking and if for some reason one of us doesn’t know that we make sure they do.

Although if somebody were to insult me and call me crazy I feel like that would really get at me. On the inside at least on the outside though I would just smile at them real wide and say “Wow you must be stupid if you think that you calling me crazy actually offends me. I don’t care about your opinion it doesn’t matter to me so keep on saying empty insults I don’t care.”

Yes I have thought this through before. Luckily I don’t get people trying to insult me often but just in case I will often run through conversations in my head so that I have come backs and remarks ready just in case somebody tries to be mean to me.

All the damn time…

Not such a fan of being called crazy. Parents say it every once in a while in a sarcastic way, or to make me hurt in a argument.