My friend and his family

my friend we will call him mo, mo has bipolar disorder with adhd diagnosed after heroin drug abuse when he was around 15-16. anyway his oldest son has schizoaffective disorder, two of his other sons has bipolar disorder and major depression. are men more likely to be affected by mental illness because he has four daughters and none of them seem affected with mental illness.

I do not know, but in my family there have been two aunts and one cousin who has sz. Sz surely runs in the family, it is much higher probability to get sz when many family members have sz.

in my own family its my dad has schizoaffective disorder, me with sza, my brother with bipolar disorder, and aunt and cousin with schizophrenia. so I don’t know its just seemed weird from my friends standpoint none of his daughters seem affected and so far its just his sons.