My foam wreath was delivered with a crack

I’ll have to send it back and get a replacement. I wasn’t sure if that crack would be a problem or not so I just contacted Amazon and they are shipping out a new one. I don’t see how shipping could have caused that, I think it was broken before it shipped.

Anyway, I did get a much smaller wreath from Michael’s that I could work on. It might be better to start small anyway since I’ll be learning as I go. I can make all my mistakes on the little one and by the time I get to the big one I’ll have some idea of what I am doing. I want to do something like this.


It s so beautiful

I could do with one too haha

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What a gorgeous wreath! :heart:

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That is so beautiful.

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That’s beautiful! Best of luck to you!

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Damn, I always had to drive to the bad part of town to get mine.


lol, I was gonna keep the crack but I’m trying to stay clean over here.

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