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A fall/Halloween wreath I “made”

I actually got all the supplies at Michaels and all I had to do was decide where to put the stuff😅 but I LOVE IT!!!


:open_mouth: thats amazing… its so esthetic.


I know right??:tipping_hand_woman:



That’s perfect. I’m waiting for deliveries of stuff to make wreaths. It’s going to be my new hobby. I got tons of silk flowers and leaves and 3 wreaths to start with. I have no idea what I’ll do with the wreaths, maybe give them away, idk. I got 4 wreath hangers so I can hang four before I have to start finding them homes lol. It all started when I wanted a wreath that had turquoise butterflies on it, so I bought a plain boxwood wreath and added my own butterflies. It got me thinking how much fun it would be to make em.

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That’s really beautiful. I would like one myself.

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I love it! 151515

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Thanks you guys🌹



That is so cute! And pretty.

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Thanks Roxanna :slightly_smiling_face:


That is absolutely amazing. It is very cute.


Thank you!!!


I like it. Very nice :slight_smile:

I like looking at arts and crafts people make. I’m horrible when it comes to crafting things myself.

I remember someone once made me a Gir from Invader Zim made out of playdough. It was really cool and well done.

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