My First Semester of College

I was an old user of this site, many years ago. Haven’t been around much. I tried sarcosine and it really changed my life, along with some other supplements I take. With or without we are capable of much. Just recently I scored very well on my second exam. It was my dream to be a pdoc, but the time it takes to become one is just too long. So I split the difference and major in psychology with a concentration on abnormal psych. One day I want to help other people with our diagnosis exclusively with a Psy D. Each and every one of us is capable of doing really well. Here’s some proof, my second psych exam :


Well done and may you continue to do well with it all.

I sure hope I do continue to do well. I’m not so perfectionistic, so I don’t expect a perfect paper every time out. I try concentrating on maintaining something consistently good over time. Good is good enough if it’s replicable. Being consistent I hope is possible. One day at a time and all that…


psychology has a long history of experimenting on animals, and, humans!

Indeed it does. We covered some of that. In neuroscience and psychology both there are fundamental questions and one of the main arguments in psychology is whether or not to test on animals. Would you give a few rodents for a cure? I know some people who would not sacrifice even one. Believe it, or not…

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Are you from parallel universe? Just kidding!

Have you been yo college before? How old are you?

Great job man!

This is my first college experience. I am thirty one. Cause of schizophrenia I dropped out of highschool. Thankfully things are much better now.


Well done @poisonpencil! Great effort. I take it youre studying psychology?

Yep, that’s my major.


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