My first charcoal drawing

Finally got my charcoal in the mail. Decided to do a self portrait for my first charcoal drawing, this is a drawing of me as a child(left) and me now(right).


Really nice, you are a good artist.

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Wow… I’m really impressed with your talent.

Good stuff.

I’ve been saying I should get back into art for years now. I always struggled with drawing faces though, I’m impressed. I could never get the shadowing right and my faces always looked so blank and lifeless. So I drew and painted other stuff instead.

Faces are awful to draw, I can’t draw one if I tried.
Buildings on the other hand I can do, I make amazing city/room drawings. I’d show some but they are all in a drawing folder about 60-70 miles from here.

If you just be patient, faces can be quite easy… you just have to take it slow and really pay attention to the details.

It’s very nice @ArtIsLife. You’re quite talented.

wow, you are quite good!