My father buys pizza every fortnight

My father buys pizza once every fortnight when he gets payed! Why!? He just did it before. I never asked for this. I have to eat it! No other option.

My appetite hasn’t been very high lately though, and I haven’t been eating that much. Is he trying to fatten me up! Oh well. Onto the next thing.

I don’t buy junk food myself!


P.S. I ate it before!

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Maybe ask him to eat out.

We eat pizza too often for my tastes. It’s not very good for you.

I love pizza but it’s very high carb.
I don’t have it very often.

we have pizza as a treat about once a month…

I want :pizza:but all I have here are hamburger veggies and eggs. Like a million f***ing eggs

We eat too much pizza.

I really need to start eating healthier.

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