My experience with psychiatry

You would think that they would have something better by now. Every developed country in the world with a research facility is studying this stuff.
Why has no one had any luck?

If I can give any advice it would be to stick with professionalism in regards to how you talk to them and deal with them, for example I wouldn’t bring up anything too crazy with them and would just stick to talking strictly about medicine and how it affects you and maybe a little information about yourself including daily routine and hobbies etc etc (however I would keep light, they are strangers afterall).

In my experiences using an outlook like this when in those places works wonders and you will typically get better support out of them.

All in all though, there is no real cure for the illness and all we can do is hope to be strong on our minds on our own. I don’t know if this means mastering some sort of art form in our minds for example our basic mind tools that we use on a daily bases or if it means just becoming strong at ignoring the illness all together and focusing on acting normal but it does mean doing something for ourselves at the very least because there is a fairly high percentage of people who end up homeless without a chance at work because of this illness and people who are ill with it need to work on strategy to overcome it.


The society has a lot of progress to make.
By the way, work is being made on making humans super intelligent, so we may get compensation
for our problems :wink:.

My first experience with pdoc/tdoc was when my mom died 25 years ago. I was depressed and anxious. I would say it was a good experience overall. I ended up on paxil for a couple years which helped.

My next experience was in June of 2015 when I had my first psychotic break and became MI. My first pdoc was nice enough but they forced me to say my delusion had gone away before they would let me out of the hospital. I lied and they let me out.

My first pdoc, after I got out, was a patronizing, self-absorbed douche’ bag. He was belittling and demeaning. My current pdoc is better. She has spoken down to me one time but, overall, she seems compassionate. My current tdoc is pretty good. She listens well and asks questions. I liked my old tdoc too except he is prejudiced against wealthy people. It irritated me even though I am poor as shyt. Money would come up in the conversation and he always told me a story that had some moral in the story about how people who have money are bad. It was really annoying.

Overall, I am pretty good at the moment.

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The first half of my life with psychiatry was a living nightmare and a roaring hell. The last half of my life with psychiatry has been a pure pleasure. In the first half, I was extremely sick and suicidally depressed and psychotic all of the time. In the last half, I was totally free of depression and psychosis and almost completely normal. It pays to be normal in the psychiatric system.