How do you rate your psychiatric experience?

  • Great, always helpful
  • Ok, sometimes helpful
  • Poor, negative help

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In the hospital I was treated like a thing with a malfunction instead of a person.
Now, out of the hospital, i am treated okay, i have got a pdoc (when i need it) and a psychiatric nurse i speak to twice a month.


I’d say about a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10.

it may be a higher mark though, from receptionist, to nurses, to doc, to therapists.

lately I’m liking my spiritual guidances elsewhere. seems they try harder, you know?


Hmm. . .

Here’s A Puzzle For You “patients”.

Ask Your Counselor Which Title They Prefer.

Counselor, Psychologist, Therapist…, And So On.

And See If They Ask If You Prefer Being Called A Patient, Or Human Being.

In The Name Of Homeland Security (!!!).

~P.s. Hope, Trust, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Endlessly Eternal Peace!.~ :owl: :spider_web: :owl:

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I said Ok, sometimes helpful. I can’t really rate them at great, but they are not bad either.

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I have had very negative experiences with psychiatrists. The ones I have met anyway, have been very arrogant and self-important

My first experience with a psychiatrist, was him forcing me to take Effexor against my will. He threatened to have a blood test done, and send the results to the insurance companies so I would be cut off everything if I didn’t obey his directions. It was the wrong medication for me from day one, I already knew that, yet he persisted because he’s an ■■■■■■■

I’ve dealt with a couple more, and find them cold and inhuman in general


I always do whatever my pdocs say without question because they are the ones who studied medicine and psychiatry, not me. And because I listen to them, I have minimal to no symptoms today.

And because I listen to my pdocs and the rest of my health care team, and I treat them like the very educated professionals they all are, I am treated very warmly and politely by all of them.


Ok, I think many of us would still prefer access to alternatives to standard psychiatry and pills, psych wards, and all that sort of treatment. For one thing being put in psych wards or hospitals or jails isnt a cheap propisition in this country. So, things are always more serious than need be sometimes. Its fot profit industry. In usa i mean. Likely things are different in socialist systems. Wheras in usa some have socialist and some pay out of pocket or cant payy, so its all over the place what can happen.

Some nurses were down right mean at the time, hope they were fired

Underfunded, slow to react and don’t listen to concerns until they become a critical issue

Good people there, but they need the funds badly here in the UK

My case worker has to keep an eye on 60 people.

My town has 36 working age adult acute beds for a population of 100,000…

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Honestly I never had my own self paid insurance, so i never really thought I had much say in my treatment, if they do feel that way. Alternatives would have been nice though. I could have been more adept at argueing my case too, which is a good skill to have in psych wards and such. I mean I could have played the situation for better outcomes, but I dont really do that all well. They are stuck in thier way, pills and psych wards are the best way. I havnt the power or strength to do much, but go along somewhat and complain.

someone I know of recently voluntarily hospitalised themselves becuase they have not seen their psycdoc nor had seen their social worker in god knows how long…this person is demanding that they will not leave the hospital until something changes

My psyc experience is 8/10

had a great cpn, who listened and was kind and even funny.

the pdoc was alright though sometimes I felt she wanted to get me out of their fast (typical, it seems)

part of some other programmes thanks to the uk nhs.

it really is awesome atm…but what will happen in the future with my experience of psych team??? hopefully, the same

I had this one psychiatrist who I could tell didn’t like me. I bet he was thinking, “This kid’s parents are paying out of their own pocket for psychiatric care in a psychiatric hospital, and all he can talk about is how awful his dad was.” I can see how that pdoc would come to think that, but I had some major issues with my dad. I was always angry at him when I was growing up. I have since stopped feeling that, and I realize he had a lot of good traits as well as bad. I would even say he was mostly good. I think that psychiatrist was just burnt out on entitled kids. Whatever. He just did not work for me.

Before I gained insight into the illness my experience with pdocs and nurses was bad. It was like they were saying on thing but I was having none of it

When I finally gained insight into the illness, everything went much better

At present I’d say it’s 9/10 - I agree with my pdoc that I have a mental illness and I listen to their advice

In fact, I’m due to meet my pdoc tomorrow to review medications, and I’m actually looking forward to having a good chat with my team

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