My experience at AA tonight

I arrive at the meeting and I’m greeted by a guy “Are you here for the…meeting?” I say “Yeah.” And he excitedly says “Well then welcome! I’m _____, you are?” I tell him my name and he tells me to go inside and grab some coffee and snacks. When I get inside I’m getting coffee and he comes over to me and asks if it was my first time at a meeting because I “seemed kind of nervous”. I tell him that it wasn’t, but it was my first day back after 6 months of using. He tells me not to worry and no one will judge me for relapsing and tells me to grab a seat.

I sit in the back row and a guy comes up to me, being a newcomer at this meeting, it was mostly 40-60 year olds, I was maybe 1 of 2 people in their 20’s. He gives me his number and starts chatting. Then he tells me to come sit next to him “You don’t want to sit in the back.” So I follow him to the middle where we sit. We chat until the meeting starts. He was real nice. The meeting commences, it was a speaker-discussion. Good meeting. The lady who told her story was okay, funny, but not very enlightening, but it was still helpful to hear what she had to say. The topic was “Relationships in sobriety” so I had nothing to say really since I haven’t had any relationships in sobriety yet. So I just listened.

Then I was leaving, and the first guy approached me in my car and said that they’ll be there Saturday-Tuesday’s, every night and I should stop by. It was great to be around so many nice happy people and very encouraging and made me optimistic. 90 meetings in 90 days I will do. Excited, eager and happy.

That’s all :blush:


Then I drove to the beach and called my mom. It was packed because of labor day but it was nice to walk around on such a nice night.


One Day At A Time!


I’m so happy for you !! I enjoyed NA when I used to go…one day at a time, like Jayster says !! you can do it !!


Sounds brilliant!


I might have to do this AA thing…

Oh yeah and I got my 24 hour coin from this nice pretty redhead who was hosting the meeting :wink:


Thanks for posting this. It will help me get ready to go back. Yeah, that’s a typical meeting for you. It’s great that you enjoyed it and that you are eager for more. It’s good to hear. Meetings are interesting and entertaining, you hear a lot of cool stuff. It’s a good place to practice your socializing too. If anything, the people are TOO friendly, lol. I used to have more people talking to me and being friendly than I could handle!


I’m so proud of you

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Huge congratulations on going.

Glad it went well for you…

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Fab. I am waaaaaaay serious. AA is damned fine stuff. The bigger meetings will usually include a smattering of people with sz, so you will find others to hook up with who really get you.

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Congrats xxx big step x

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Hope it works. How long are you sober?

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Yesterday was day 1. It’s not a big deal that I’m sober a day because I often didn’t drink or drug every day (I never did on Sundays), but going to AA was helpful.

ok cool , good luck…

The way sobriety works for me I have to be hurt by drinking worse than I can stand to be hurt before I put the plug in the jug. I have to “hit bottom”, so to speak. I know they’re saying that they can raise the bottom you need to hit before you can get some sobriety, but you still need to be hurt by alcohol pretty badly to get the motivation to quit. It will probably take something like a serious health issue to get me to quit. AA can be nice. I tend to like smaller groups of about ten or fifteen people.

For me it just stopped being fun. I got 4 tabs of LSD and did those in 2 nights. Then I got a ten strip of some potent LSD and found myself doing that every 2 nights. “Trips” aren’t the way they used to be.

I don’t think LSD is as bad for SZ as marijuana, it was that I would take LSD and smoke 5 grams of weed in an hour period that caused my psychosis. But it doesn’t matter why… As long as I’m healthy now which I am. And I noticed my drinking was picking up. When I relapsed in March after I left the sober house, I had no desire to be sober. At first it was like two 24 ounce Sierra Nevadas a week and then it progressed to 15 beers a week. And LSD, and shrooms and ayahuasca. I could just see it getting worse and worse. It’s progressive for me. No longer fun. And I find AA will be a good fellowship for me to join. I’m only 25 so my body could handle it, but better to tackle it now before I do permanent damage I feel.


They say LSD can help alcoholics, I feel there’s some truth to it…but only because it guilt trips you into how bad it really is. Acid makes you feel guilty about drinking and realize you have a problem. Not suggesting to do it but that’s how I experienced it.

I can’t get high on LSD because of the med’s. I’ve taken some pretty strong acid and got no results. I’m immune to a lot of street drugs since I started taking med’s, which is probably fortunate.

It definitely diminishes the effects but I still get high from it. Maybe that’s why I dont “trip so hard” anymore and enjoy it so much. Although I tripped pretty hard in April from .7 grams of shrooms. It’s definitely fortunate.