I’m worried I’m Observant

And that i’m noticing early signs of stuff and if i’m observant that’s bad.

Insight is still good with sz. Overthinking things probably isn’t. I think it is an issue if it’s starting to affect your day to day function. That is where it really bites so otherwise if you’ve some good insight it’s probably not such an issue.

I mean more like idk if im seeing patterns and creating them with my mind or if im observing facts that are hard to see. An example is my dog was panting and it was worrying me….it looked different. And idk if im just super observant and picking up on things other people probably wouldnt see or if my mind is just slipping and getting paranoid…idk if i should worry or not … i cant tell

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That sounds a bit delusional to me to be honest. And seeing odd connections between things that arent there in reality is a hallmark psychotic symptom.


Yeah it sounds like moving into positives for me. I start to see things following patterns. Wouldn’t be a bad thing to touch base with your doctor.


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