My doc gave me this med

I hope it wont made me psychotic as other ads. It will be great too if it works on my anxiety. I am fed up of taking benzos, plus they didn’t pull me out of my house.
Somebody here who knows this med? Its not a supplement I think, I don’t quite understand how it works. Does it work for you?
Kisses people :kissing_heart:

it’s antidepressant?

Be careful if you already taking some ssri antidepressant,because it might interact.Yes,sometimes it is used as supplement and you can find it in health and fitness stores.


very interesting, let us know how it works.

I took it. I liked it. Be careful though.

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No, zoa, I am not on any other antidepressant. Ok, ill be careful, I know that :slight_smile: It will be good if it helps a bit my anxiety and the paranoia wow. Zyprexa didn’t ged rid totally of my paranoia…

Here is like link

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Did you tried some mood stabilizer?I take Lamictal.

I am on Depakote but it just helps my agression, not my depression or the anxiety.

Did you ever get stoneys behind the nipple from lamactil?

Like a lump?

Nothing,not even mood stability.:smile:

Ask about Wellbutrin,it has different action and gives you lot of focus and energy.

i tried 5htp before and it gave me anxiety that lasted for a couple days.

What can happen with it, inside?

It acts on serotonin. I guess it made me paranoid? I don’t remember.

Ok, I see. Yes, this is the problem with us. Me, even the lithium made me paranoid. I stopped it 3 days ago…

It did uplift my mood though. I would listen to your doctor? Have you tried sarcosine? It helps with negative symptoms but I feel stimulated. I don’t know if I like that.

Yeah, Ill continue to look for solutions. I am like you insidemind, med sensitive. so even a supplement can make me paranoid. Now I am trying this thing :slight_smile: .

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Good luck with it. :pill:

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I once took 400mg of that I was soooo sick from it . Less is more I think. It didn’t help me though