My dad volunteers at NAMI meetings


I think he’s a tool. what could he get out of it? im the one with sz here. what do they do at NAMI meetings anyhow?


If there’s a “cause” there’s a charity. And charities are just businesses that prey on the gullible.


I was like 28 and I decided to live on my own again. I left and he called the cops on me to have me arrested. he’s got issues.


growing up isn’t a crime.


I thought NAMI meetings (excluding administration) were peer run.


I don’t know nothing about them. he buys bottled water for them. I guess i’ll ask him


one was educational for police. so they better know how to deal with people with MI


Okay. They wanted me to do that, but I had to drive too far, so I turned it down.


well I asked him it was not NAMI but CIT crisis intervention team. he says they try to teach how to avoid incarcerations and not using overwhelming force. like for example I’ve been in jail 8 times and tased 3 times. i thought it was NAMI but they are just invited to come along with community mental health and police.


That’s cool–and so needed. Sometimes all a person needs is a sympathetic ear, not a hard nose barking commands with his gun drawn.


im not a criminal I just went through a phase where I didn’t like police. if you don’t do what they say you get tossed in the can from my experience and sometimes tased to subdue you. it hurts while it happens but the pain doesn’t linger once they stop.


NAMI is mostly for the relatives and not so much for those afflicted with a mental illness.


I went to a nami meeting once. It was mostly depressed people. I didn’t fit in.


I have been thinking about going to a NAMI meeting but they don’t start until 730 pm. That means it would press right up to my bedtime and it’s kinda far away so I have never gone.


Nami has meeting for people who have mental illness and seperate meeting for family members of people with mental illness. You may have to try different meetings. The one meeting I went to had a bunch of depressed people and bipolar people. I went to another one and it was a bunch of schiz peeps.


When i was in the hospital last time, two people from NAMI came and put on a presentation. They were both MI. One was bipolar, i think, and i can’t remember about the other. It was kind of interesting to hear their stories.

I have often thought about going to a NAMI support group, as they have them near here on Monday nights, but i have yet to give it a try.


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