My CPN says that…

My CPN say’s that below 5mg Olanzapine I may as well not be on any antipsychotics at all.

She is not willing to proscribe 3.75 as it needs to be split with a pill cutter. She would proscribe 2.5mg …

Her main point is that on below 5 mg I may as well come off of antipsychotics.

It was difficult to explain to her that even if I were to come off medication then I would still prefer to come off in increments from 5mg downwards rather then just come off at 5mg.

She says that we can discuss dropping down to 2.5 mg in six months. Which would mean that I had been on antipsychotics for 18 months before coming off. I’m now at 11 months of antipsychotics from my last episode. Do people think that I should wait another 6 months on 5mg and then look to drop after that?

Or should I push ahead and drop to 2.5 in a month or so while continuing on 3.75mg without her knowledge?

During this week on 3.75 I have been feeling a massive difference in dopamine levels. I can feel nerves and excitement and also am more responsive to words and conversation.

I’ve self reduced from 5mg to 3.75mg Olanzapine without telling her. So far I’m okay, but am nervous of the possible consequences.

I guess the main problem I have is that she has no clear plans for me and just fob’s me off with we will speak about it in six months. Also she doesn’t actually listen to what I say.

So once again what I’m asking is should I go back up to 5mg and be stable for another six months and then try slowly tapering off or should I push ahead now even though it’s only been a year rather then 18 months?

Sorry for the long post, just could do with some advice!

I think you should take 5 mg as prescribed, and when the CPN says you can take 2.5, then do that.

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I would not listen to the CPN, unless she’s going by the advice of the psychiatrist to you… I would always follow the pdoc suggestion whether this means lowering the dose or tapering off.

CPNs are allowed to diagnose and prescribe meds where I’m from

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Fair enough, it’s different in the UK. Sorry.

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Sounds like your doing really well. Good luck whatever you decide to do!

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Hi I’m stuck with the CPN as I only get to see the psychiatrist once a year! Which is dreadful.

I’ve stayed with the 3.75 and am feeling really well! Definitely getting a lot more dopamine and feeling more alive!

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