My Chrome Browser Got Corrupted

So I downloaded free AVG for more protection and I’m now using the Firefox browser. I’m quite pleased with it.

What browser do you use? Have you had any issues like me?

Also, Windows Vista (which I use) has stopped it’s updates. Could this be the reason my Chrome crashed?

I’m using Chrome on a Windows Vista - yes I know pretty old but so far I’ve managed to stay out of trouble. I have Avast Free Antivirus and I’m quite pleased with its performance.


I described my symptoms once by saying “I feel like windows vista”

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Why is that? Because Windows Vista is always ‘crashing’? Is that what you meant?

Just because it’s such a shitty browser, overintuitive you might say. You’re trying to do one simple thing and it makes it hella complicated, often crashes completely

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Never ran into trouble while on my Vista. I love it.

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Windows 10 sucks too, everything is really quiet because they jacked up the drivers for the soundcards

I’m not a gamer. A pretty simple set up for me. I just surf here, news sites and email now and then. Haven’t had a spot of trouble with Vista until this Chrome issue arose.

I understood that Windows is “bricking” Vista “with updates,” so it may not be Chrome that caused the problem. My Vista crashed after the last “Updates 1-12” and I installed Kubuntu instead of Vista. Now both Firefox and Chrome are working fine.

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Im on firefox and I also have AVG, but I’m on windows 8, not looking forward to updating to windows 10, so I’m cool :sunglasses:

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I have an older Mac. I got a message the other day that chrome was going to stop updating their virus protection?on… including Vista and Mac OsX - I think is the one I have, in April. That you need to upgrade your system. Sorry, not good at computereese.

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