My car is still cute even though her rear end got wrecked

I haven’t driven my car (a Chrysler pt cruiser) for months. I was going through a stage of not loving it and hating the idea of driving. It’s partly due to the trauma of having been rear ended 2 years ago. I’m getting over it. I’m not ready to give up driving yet. Now, if only I had some where to go. Darn quarantine anyway.


Describes my old girlfriend.

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You let her get away?

Do you ever start the car to let the battery charge and get some oil moving around?


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Yes, she wasn’t my dog. She had free will and left me.

No. The battery has been dead awhile and I haven’t been starting it up. It needs a new battery but I don’t see the reason to get it and watch it go dead waiting to be used.

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@ThePickinSkunk has a point though. I always heard if you have a car that will be sitting for awhile it’s good to periodically start it up and let it run for several minutes. A least this was recommended for older cars, I don’t know about newer models.

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Yah! Winter is coming anyways and if you have alternative transportation I wouldn’t worry about a battery then.

I just drive around town. A tank of gas lasts me a whole month. I’m a bad influence on the U.S. oil economy.

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