My handicapped parking permit came today

Now I’ll feel better about going to places like Walmart where you sometimes have to part far away. Since I have to carry my air tank, it can be a chore just to walk a distance. So, I’m really happy.:athletic_shoe:


What type of car do you drive chordy??

Good for you!
I’m happy for you @chordy!

I have a little silver Chrysler pt cruiser which I love - to pieces, literally because I was rear ended last October and her butt is all bent in and the license plate is in the rear window and the spare tire has to sit on the back seat. :slightly_smiling_face:


Haha good ole pt cruisers!! I don’t think they make em anymore. It’s a good size car I guess. I have a Mitsubishi suv it’s decent on gas for an suv.

I think they quit making pt cruisers in 2010, Mine’s a 2008. She’s really cute but a bit of a gas guzzler for her size.


Good it will make it easier on you. My dad is 75 as well. He just got his a few weeks ago.:hugs::hugs:

I’m glad you have that to make walking easier for you. I’ve had one for a few years now, I have a collapsed disc in my lumbar spine that gives me grief. I don’t use my permit unless I’m having a bad pain day but I’m glad it’s there.

I’m glad you got it! That’s great news

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