My candle light ritual

It is another Friday evening again and I have my candle light ritual. In this ritual I try to remember all those who have already passed away, but also those who are still living. I remember places where I have had this ritual. I started this ritual in Atlanta in 1999 and then I had my ritual in Miami, Los Angeles, New York City and a few other places in the USA when I lived in my auto and now for the past 17 years I have had this ritual in Eastern Finland where I live now. Here is a photo of my smiling skull that I received in March 1999 in Southern France and my candle light. Do you have any rituals?


I have a deja vu now. Have you posted this skull again?

My first thought is that you were Jewish. My dad started this thing where every Xmas we lit a candle for everyone gone before us. But the ritual didn’t stick.

I think he’s made a post like this before. I’ve seen this pic before

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