My candle light ritual and Friday evening

It is again another Friday evening. One week has passed and I have my candle light ritual. I started this ritual in Atlanta in 1999 when I lived alone in one house after my former US spouse had left. Eventually I left this house and headed to Miami. I have had this ritual in many places: LA, Miami, Atlanta, Washington DC, New Orleans and elsewhere. Now for the past 20 years I had this candle light ritual in my little town here in Finland. Basically I light a candle and watch it and try to remember the past and also think what the future might be. The year 2024 will be interesting because there are presidential elections in many countries such as the USA, Russia and Finland. I think that the candle always represents peace, hope, life and energy. We know what the past has been, but the future is unknown.


Nice ritual @mjseu

I love hearing your stories.

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I love that you do that.

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When I lived in my auto in America from 2000 to 2002 I actually had many other rituals. I am only practicing this candle light ritual now. I had the ritual of ‘Unknown’ and I often walked on the beach of Miami Beach and thought what the future might be. Then I had the ritual of ‘the White Wolf’ and I had this ritual when it was the full Moon. I had also a few other rituals.

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