My body hurts

Some trouble occured, don’t know how to process it. Debt and all, i hope it goes away, a lot of pain and what not, but I can get through it, i don’t need to alarm anyone in my family.


i dont know what happened but good luck getting threw it

hope you can eventually get help from your family

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Thank you, hopefully it all works out

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im doing better just tired and feeling heavy, my body hurts way too much, and have been getting these random bruises

i hope im ok, i don’t really care if i pass but i just want to be alive enough to take care of my loved ones, those who depend on me.

I’m trying to keep it going, but with all these things adding up, it makes me wonder a lot of things. i have a lot of regret, as im not a good person, and have many regrets. i think i might just sleep, whats the point of worrying and living in the past; doesn’t help the fact that i have intrusive thoughts about my mistakes. oh welp

Take care man! Try not to worry about the past.

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thnx monty, its always nice hearing from you.

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Yw bud!

I used to suffer a lot too, so I know what it’s like. Nowadays I mostly just have negatives to deal with.

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thats good, im glad you are doing better.

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Can’t sleep, so hungry rn…

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